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Wifi Installation

Bring the Internet into your Church Environment.
New Day offers reliable networking solutions throughout your church building. Your questions answered below. For further discussion or queries we're available on 01452 618619 or email derek@newday.tv.
How do we keep our admin wifi separate?
By having a dual account within the same bandwidth, with separate log-ins for the administrator and everyone else. This keeps all your church data secure and gives the admin’s internet connection priority.
Will we have parental control?
Yes, the DrayTek routers have fully featured firewalls and content filtering.
You won’t have to worry about inappropriate use of the internet inside church and children are safe guarded.

Draytek Internet Router
Can we access our computers at home?
Yes, the DrayTek routers allow you to create  a secure connection to another network over the internet.

Will we be able to have wifi in other rooms besides the main hall?
Yes, the DrayTek access points will enable wifi extension throughout your church building. As an access point it not only increases the coverage of the router but enables data rates of up to 300 Mbps. These Wifi extenders can be powered by POE (power over ethernet), so a single cable from the network switch is all that's needed.

Wifi Network
Can we have Network Storage?
Yes both online and with a church based NAS (network attached storage) which will allow the sharing of files to authorized users.

Can we still access our printers?
Yes and the printers can be acessed from anywhere there is a network connection.

Can we web broadcast to our web site, Facebook etc?
Of course and we can supply all the equipment you need to do this. From single cameras right up to multiple cameras and computers.

We have more information about web broadcasting on this page

Web Streming
Our church does not have a internet connection, so what can we do?
Using a DrayTek Vigor 2862 with its built in 4G LTE you can connect to the mobile network. Then at a later date if you get a wired internet connection your Draytek system is ready to use that as well.
Draytek Vigor
Wifi and USB Double Mains Socket

Are there any alternative connection points we can consider?
We also do a range of 2 gang sockets with options for Wifi and wired network connections. It also comes with a USB connection for charging.
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