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Assistive Listening

Assistive Listening
Looking for a better listening experience? Our assistive listening devices at New Day AVL are designed to enhance sound quality and clarity in any environment. Whether you're at a church, conference centre, lecture room, or performance, our devices can help you hear better and stay engaged. Say goodbye to straining to hear and hello to a more enjoyable experience with our assistive listening solutions.
With the advances in technology we can now offer the traditional loop amplifiers, WiFi and the new Bluetooth system.
We can provide a selection of specialised solutions for your installation, each designed to suit a specific application.
Loop Amplifiers
Loop Amp Installation
A functional hearing loop system that provides a genuine benefit to its users and fulfils all the requirements of the international performance standard consists of 3 main components.
1. An audio source (such as a microphone)
An induction loop system will only produce a quality and intelligible audio signal if the source sound is captured correctly. The sound may be a voice, in which case a microphone is required, or an audio signal such as a TV or mixing desk which can be captured using a line connection.
2. An Induction Loop Driver (amplifier)
An induction loop / hearing loop amplifier is usually referred to as a ‘driver’ and is at the heart of an Induction Loop system, they should not be confused with a voltage drive speaker amplifier as they are specifically designed to drive current into the loop cable.
3. The copper ‘loop’ cable and fitting accessories
The most obvious component of an Induction Loop system is the cable that is used to form the actual ‘loop’ or ‘loops’. Induction loop cable is available as direct burial cable, or as a flat copper tape for installation under carpets or other floor coverings.

Auracast Bluetooth
Auracast™  supports improved audio quality, reduced power consumption, improved interoperability, easier development of hearing aids and TWS earbuds, new audio device types, and the emergence of Auracast™ broadcast audio which enables public and private broadcast use cases for consumer and assistive listening applications. And a much larger transmission range – most people think of Bluetooth as a ”point to point cable replacement” – Auracast™  is much more than that (3,000 foot range).
If you are interested please fill in the contact form below as this system will be available shortly.
Wifi assistive listening
Meet our award-winning assistive listening solution, ListenWIFI.  Stream audio over your existing WiFi network straight to your guests’ smartphones or dedicated receivers.  With the free app available for both Android and Apple devices, your guests can use their own device to listen to your message.  The mobile app can also be customized and branded to fit your needs, including welcome videos, banner ads, documents, offers, and more.  Check out why everyone is talking about the future with ListenWIFI.

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