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Standard Worship Video

A Worship Service Example: Overview of a two camera set up with presentation software.
Many small worship productions need portability because some share the building with another organization; they require video equipment to be easily unpacked/packed and transported. This workflow includes the GO 650 Studio for portability. The controller for two PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras allows easy set up shots, saving the positions as presets, to be recalled on the fly during the service. With an easy to use video switcher and push button H.264 USB recorder, these are ideal for volunteer users.
In addition to the diagram, by adding a matrix unit to your system allows you to have different inputs going to different outputs.
Key Features
► Ease of Use
All the equipment in this workflow are extremely easy to use and set up for the benefit of the weekly volunteers.

► Portability
This workflow includes the GO 650 Studio, which allows you to easily roll in to your worship building and quickly set up all the equipment. Once the service is over, all the equipment can be packed right back into the durable rugged cases with custom cut foam, which protects the equipment during transport.
Pastor Phil's Workflow includes everything needed to produce a worship program on the web. By introducing the service to online streaming, churches may discover that there are more people interested in taking part than ever before. This includes viewers who may not have been able to attend the gathering in person because of various reasons, whether those reasons were physical or logistical, or otherwise. Now, they can watch the pastor using a computer, a smart TV, ipad or phone by visiting Facebook or YouTube.

In addition, The HDR-1 recorder in Pastor Phil's Workflow allows the house of worship to record sermons in H.264 MP4 format. This provides an easy pathway for uploads to the church's website.
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