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We offer innovative Graphical User Interface (GUI) automation/universal remote system for custom control of audio / visual equipment, lighting, heating, CCTV, gate automation and access control. By using any smart phone, tablet or laptop we can design a system to make your audio / visual equipment / lighting easy to use without the need for multiple remote controls. From a single button you can start the whole or part of the system to a preconfigured present. GUI's are convenient, time saving and can reduce stress levels! Plus we can make the equipment turn off if there is no activity after a preset interval or at a preset time.
Kramer RC 62
Button Panels. We have a range of simple to use 6 to 12 button panels. These are great for systems where you just need an easy to use button panel.
Our range of control surfaces are suitable for:
1) Churches
2) Offices and Conference Centres
3) Community Centres
4) Retail outlets
5) Home cinema or home automation
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