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Radio Microphones

Radio Mics
Here’s an explanation of the two frequencies now available for radio mic and accessories in the UK.
Channel 70 is currently free. However its generally recommended that you have maximum of four transmitters ei 2x handhelds, 2x beltpacks. Its also recommended that you don’t use wireless IEMs (in ear monitors) on channel 70 because of interference.
Channel 38 is licensed via Ofcom however depending on the equipment you can run up to 32 channels. Also there is far less risk of interference from IEMs.
New Day preferred range of radio mics are from JTS. Offering quality of sound and value for money with great features.  Here's a selection.

The system is designed with JTS newest generation wireless technology. To cope with the squeezed radio spectrum the system provides more compatible channels within limited bandwidth. The R-4 is a 4 channel system in a 19” one U case. Antenna outputs and AC power supply are designed to be cascaded. It provides great convenience to installation.
JTS patented REMOSET feature sends all microphone data by pushing of one button. Moreover all 4 microphones can receive correspondent data at the same time after one pushing. As always JTS provides detailed and full adjustment for best audio and radio performance.
JTS R4 Radio Microphone
JTS UF20 Radio Microphone
* UHF True diversity technology renders 200-480 meters of operation distance
* Maximum 2400 to 3000 selectable frequencies across 60 to 75 MHz
* Preset 15 groups each of up to 63 compatible channels
* User programmable 6 groups each of 64 channels
* Free space scan function
* JTS Patented obstacle-free RF
function synchronizes a transmitter by pushing a
* JTS LCX circuit design technology minimizes companding noise
* The is now not only sends the frequency data but also transmitter’s RF power,
sensitivity, low cut, key lock and user's name.
* RF “NO SIGNAL” alert function.
* AF “MUTE” alert function.
* Transmitter “LOW BATTERY” alert function.
* Built in equalizer
* Power / Antenna cascading output provided.
JTS Wireless Instrument System
The UT-16G3 is a wireless mini transmitter for guitar, winds, accordian. Providing amazing sound quality combinded with freedom of movement on stage. Shown here with the dual rack version of the RU992.
RU-992 system is a full rack version of RU-8012DB series with JTS 2nd generation wireless technology. To cope with the squeezed radio spectrum, the system provides more compatible channels within limited bandwidth. The patent pending REMOSET sends the scanned channel data to transmitter by pushing a button. To meet critical audio demand general noise and hiss noise have been reduced to an extremely low level. 100 meter operation range meets most demand from most applications. To be environment friendly an integrated charger is available on option.
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