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The Future

"The Gospel never changes
but its delivery does”
As we return to our church buildings we need to look to the future. During this pandemic many churches have been online using Zoom, Facebook and Youtube. The result has been a new audience for the Gospel. Here are the facts.
"One in four of the UK populations claim to have visited an online service"
"One in 20 UK adults who have watched a service during lockdown have never gone to church"
"More than 70% of church leaders are seeing a rise in the number of people attending a service online"
"59% are claiming an increase in the numbers of people wanting to find out more about Christianity"
Can we, as the church, simply go back to doing the church the old way, the way we did before the pandemic?
The answer is NO.
From all the surveys there is a clear pattern, people want to be able to access the church online. They want to hear from us, they want to a part of the church and they want to hear the truth of the Gospel. Who are these people?
1) Those who want to know more but don't want to come to a building initially but may in the future.
2) Those are the ones seeking answers to life’s questions
3) Those who cannot attend because of illness or a family member is ill.
This is the opportunity we have been waiting for for years, to communicate the Gospel message in a format that can be understood directly into homes and onto mobile phones.
1) How do we get online or how do improve what we have? We are here to help you to get online with practical help and advice. Contact us: or call 01452 618619.

2) Is it expensive? Good question, New Day has starter solutions from £258 inc vat to get you online to Zoom, Facebook and YouTube. We also have the biggest selection of cameras, video mixers, software, recorders and streaming kit of any company, although you don't necessarily need all of these, depending on what set up you want and the equipment you already have. We can also help you with sound, lighting and all the technical aspects of getting online.

3) Is it technically difficult to start? For Zoom, Facebook and YouTube it's easy and we have a video available to help you.

4) Are there any resources we can get to learn more? Go to the our resources page.

5) What about all the legal requirements such as GDPR, Child Protection and copyright? We have a comprehensive answer to all of these on our resources page. There are a lot of false rumours and facts circulationg in the church about why you can't go online.

6) If we go online people will not come to church? An old red herring this one. The fact is you are MORE likely get people to come to your church if you are online. Some people have gotten fearful of this technology, believing it's not 'real' church but if the Apostle Paul was alive today he would have his own online ministry, using social media. It's the most effective method of getting the Gospel into homes today. No other method of delivery comes anywhere near how effective this is. To quote the Salvation Army in North America "The web is the new street"

"New Day is here for such time as this"

We are passionate about helping the churches across the UK to take the Gospel into our communities, using technology as a vehicle.
Contact us now for advice and for the kit to make this happen. or call 01452 618619

Derek Clare
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