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Larger Church Video

Large Church Worship Example: Overview of a four camera set up with presentation software.
With larger churches you can have either four cameras mounted on tripods or a combination of cameras including PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras controlled at the desk. The 6 input video mixer allows the flexibility of have two HDMI inputs, one for the songs/scripture and the second either for a laptop used by the presenter/pastor or a DVD player. There are a variety of options available on the video mixers. The Datavideo HS2200 shown includes a built in screen for space saving and convenience, PIP (picture in picture), a built in TC200 title creator, 8 channel intercom and 4 belt packs & headsets, and 6 assignable outputs.  The outputs going to all the screens in the building, for web broadcasting and for recording.
In addition to the diagram, by adding a matrix unit to your system allows you to have different inputs going to different outputs.
Datavideo HS2200 Video Mixer
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