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In Ear Monitoring

In Ear Monitoring or IEM has become increasing popular in the last few. There are two types wired and wireless.

1) Wired—The cheaper option. However it does mean you have a wired connection to a performer so you have to consider how much the performer is going to move about on stage.

2) Wireless—Generally, unless you are only going to have just a single radio mic and single IEM transmitter, it’s best to go to Channel 38. Although you’ll have to pay for a license you’ll be able to run multiple IEM.

It’s very important, no matter what system you go for, to have some form of protection for the volume output into the ear buds or headphones. The cheaper systems DO NOT have any protection. Either a compressor or volume cut-out is a must. Under current health and safety laws you have a statutory obligation to ensure that you do not exceed safe working levels.

We will only install or supply a system that has ear protection.

If you are unsure please talk to us as we are more than happy to advise.

Amplifier for headphones and wired IEM
Item No.: LDHPA1
Compact and powerful headphone amplifier
Also ideal for wired in-ear monitoring
Balanced XLR inputs L/R
3.5 mm AUX input for click and playback
Precise volume and balance controllers
Built-in limiter for distortion-free playback and feedback protection
Switchable mono sum for a focused sound
Ultra stable housing with soft-touch surface
Practical belt clip for direct on-body operation
Connection for a 9 V DC adapter
SIEM-111 System
The SIEM-111 System features reliable JTS UHF PLL technology.
There are 961 selectable UHF channels available. As many as 16 sets of SIEM-111T transmitters can operate on the same stage.
The system offers 4 groups, with each group having 16 compatible preset channels to choose from. This allows the monitor engineer to set up systems quickly and easily.
MPX Stereo Audio Transmission / Reception, switchable to Mono operation if desired.
All metal case construction on the SIEM 111R and SIEM 111T.
The JTS advanced circuitry assures outstanding signal-to-noise ratio.
IE-1 and IE-6 earphones seal off the ear canal with JTS designed Dyna-Driver ear buds which reduce undesired stage noise, ambient sound levels.
3 pairs of different sized Silicon sleeves included with the IE series earphones ensure a right fit for the users ear canal and comfort.
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